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Management Education-Challenges Ahead – An Indian Perspective


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Education is a liberating force as also an evolutionary force, which enables the individual to rise from mere materiality to superior planes of intellectual and sublime consciousness. Education is a dialogue between the past, present and the future.
In this scenario, the management education and management graduate degree opens up worlds of opportunity for its bearers. This book aims at presenting the challenges which lie ahead for management education in general and from Indian perspective in particular. It is divided into four parts-Management Education, Teaching-Learning Process, Leadership in Management Education and Future of Management Education. Each part addresses an important issue for management education and consists of various issue based chapters. The simple style and coverage would also make it easier for readers to understand the intricacies and dynamics of management education.
Though most of the countries and India in particular, has been able to construct large systems of management education, yet a lot remains to be achieved when compared to excellent global standards both in terms of quality and reach. Hence, the task ahead for management educators is much-too bigger and larger and the future for management education promises more challenges as the economies gets more integrated into the global economy.



Part I : Management Education
1. History of Management Education
2. Organization of Educational Institutions
3. Value in Management Education
4. Ethics in Management Education
5. Excellence in Management Education
6. Holistic Management Education
Part II : Teaching – Learning Process
1. Pedagogy in Management Education
2. Role of Experience in Teaching/Learning Process
3. Learning Assessment in Management Education
4. Student Motivation in Management Education
5. Confidence! Its Role in the Creative Teaching and Learning
6. Faculty Motivation in Management Education
Part III : Leadership in Management Education
1. Introduction
2. Role of Educational Leadership
3. Leadership Influences in Student Learning
4. Leadership Matters
5. Creating a Culture of Leadership
6. Educational Leaders: Curriculum and Instruction
Part IV : Future of Management Education
1. Challenges in Management Education
2. Future Faculty
3. The Marketing of Management Education
4. New Era in International Management Education
5. Teaching Professor Future
6. Digital Classroom and Distributed Learning


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