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Marketing Management


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The book ‘Marketing Management’ has system based managerial approach. It aims to integrate the vital interest of consumers, marketing managers and society – the three major participants in the ongoing marketing process. The Orientation of the book faithfully reflects the aforesaid current corporate philosophy, viz., customer-oriented business approach.

Sherlekar’s Marketing Management

Salient Features of the Book
— Covers the full syllabi on Marketing of most Indian Universities.

— Contains six new Chapters on
— Recent Trends in Marketing
— Retail Trade
— Integrated Marketing Communication.
— Rural Marketing.
— India: Emerging Market of the World
— Ethics in Marketing.
— Integrated presentation of the text with figures, tables, boxes and short case studies.
— Valuable book for Students who are undergoing Graduate and Post Graduate Studies in Management / Commerce (Full time, Part time and Distance Education) and executives engaged in Sales and Marketing of products and services.


Contents :

1. Nature and Scope of Marketing
2. Recent Trends In Marketing
3. Marketing Management
4. Marketing Environment
5. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
6. Consumer Behaviour
7. Demand And Sales Forecasting
8. Marketing Information and Research
9. Marketing Research Process
10. Marketing Planning/Strategy
11. Product Plan
12. Product-Related Strategies
13. Price
14. Managing Distribution Channels
15. Physical Distribution
16. Retail Trade
17. Integrated Marketing Communication
18. Advertising
19. Sales Promotion
20. Sales Management
21. Personal Selling
22. Business Market
23. Marketing of Services
24. Rural Marketing
25. India: The Emerging Market In The World
26. Global Marketing
27. Export Management
28. Social Responsibility
29. Consumerism And Consumer Protection Act
30. Ethics In Marketing


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Prof. S.A. Sherlekar,

R. Krishnamoorthy


Himalaya pub