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Modern Physics


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One more book on Modern Physics, when so many are there, one may wonder. Three decades of teaching experience motivated me to write this book, so that experience based stress may be given, as needed by students and basic concepts in different chapters; Conceptual basis is the order of the day for students to win a stiff academic competition. The chapters were arranged in the conventional way, as it was proved good for students to pass from one to another with good continuity.

Relativity chapter has been moved to the last so that students may not get depressed by finding it difficult to adjust for ‘shock of new concepts.

Unnecessary & unwanted details are avoided. Problems were carefully chosen so that it will give training both in analytical & numerical approach. Worked out problems pave the way to induce the students to work at all the problems in the exercise.

A chapter on thought provoking questions & problems is added to guide the students to prepare for the entrance examinations to enter universities of higher learning.



1. Particle and Waves in Classical Physics
2. Positive Rays
3. The Structure of Atom
4. X-Rays
5. Quantum Nature of Light
6. Wave Mechanics
7. Nuclear Physics
8. Radio Activity
9. Accelerators and Detectors
10.Neutron Physics
11. Elementary Particles
12. Solid State Physics
13. Classical, Astro and Statistical Physics
14. Theory of Relativity
15. Probing problems and Questions


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K.R. Balasubramanian


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