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Organisational Behaviour


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“As we enter the twenty-first century, the environment in which organizations operate is increasingly turbulent, rocked by forces such as globalization and rapid technological change. Social and demographic forces have dramatically changed the make-up of today’s workforce, which is now the most educated and ethnically diverse in history, in addition to having the greatest representation of people. These developments are profoundly affecting the way in which organizations structure themselves, just as they are influencing individuals’ attitudes to and expectations of both organizations and work. Organizational behavior is compatible with careers in consulting, human resources, and organization”.

This book is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the study of Organizational Behavior, its process and challenges. It is basically student- oriented textbook as it satisfies the requirement of students for an exhaustive exposure to the principles and practices of management.

To become successful managers, students need exposure to practicalities, this book contains certain examples a cases that has been chosen from a broad spectrum of organizations to illustrate major concepts and help student apply the knowledge. The book would not have seen the light, but for the grace of God and the blessings and support of our family members and friends.


Contents –

Unit – 1 Organisatinal Behaviour
Unit – 2 Foundation of Individual Behaviour
Unit – 3 Attitudes and Transactional Analysis
Unit – 4 Organisational Conflicts and Change
Unit – 5 Organisational Development




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Dr. Sanjay Chhabra,

Dulal Mazumdar,

Nupul Sutradhar


Himalaya pub