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Philosophical And Sociological Foundations Of Education


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Education is considered as a powerful weapon for bringing desirable social change and progress. Education in modern age seeks to preserve, transmit and advance knowledge and is committed to bring change for the betterment of the society. It is education that determines the level of prosperity, welfare and security of people.

Philosophy is to perceive the original source of certain ideas from which the practical matters of education are held to be derived by a series of logical inferences. Philosophy and education are like two faces of the same coin. Similarly, Social ideologies have their own impact on educational theories and practices. The aims and methods of education vary considerable due to varied conceptions of social organization. Education is an instrument of social control and social change. Education is a means for social transformation. Both the Knowledge of Philosophy and Sociology plays a vital role in the Classroom teaching-learning process and hence giving a wide range of scope for teachers as well as students.

This book is prepared keeping in mind of all these concepts; it also aims at improving the processes and products of Philosophy and Sociology in education. It meets the requirements of all categories of teachers and learners. The concepts have been introduced in a simple language to enable the reader`s grasp them with ease.

There are Eighteen Units in this Book which provides and covers broad concepts like Philosophy of Education, Philosophical Inquiry, Indian Schools of Philosophy, Indian Philosophers, Western Schools of Philosophy, Western Philosophers, Sociology of Education, Social Structure, Social Change, Socialization, Equality and Education, Education and Economy, Human Rights, Western Educational Thought, Modern American and European Thought on Education, Indian Educational Thought, Recommendations of Different Committees, Residential Type of Education in India.


Contents :

Part-I : Philosophical Foundations of Education
1. Philosophy of Education
2. Fields of Philosophical Inquiry and Education
3. Indian Schools of Philosophy
4. Indian Philosophers of Education
5. Western Schools of Philosophy
6. Western Philosophers of Education
Part-II : Sociological Foundations of Education
7. Sociology of Education
8. Social Structure and Education
9. Social Change and Education
10. Process of Socialization
11. Equality and Education
12. Education and Economy
13. Human Rights and Co-Existence
14. Western Educational Thought
15. Modern American and European Thought on Education
16. Indian Educational Thought
17. Recommendations of Different Committees
18. Residential Type of Education in India


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Dr. M.S. Talwar,

Dr. T. Pradeep Kumar


Himalaya pub