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Physics Vol-II


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Physics is a window to the mysterious world that beckons us with its vast diversity. It is considered to be the eye of our mind because it is the gateway which gives us an insight into the dynamics of various forces that conjure up into this planet.
There was a time when pure sciences attracted finest talents. With commercialisation catching up with us,there has been a sudden reconfiguration of choices and preferences. With the money label attached to each discipline, the crowd of talents which would be drawn to the study of physics like a beehive is shrinking and the study of this invaluable discipline has fallen to the share of less talented students who have not been able to make the grade for what people consider courses with commercial future. Yet there are exceptions and we still have committed students whose personal philosophy is guided by the charm of knowledge and the spirit of experimentation.
This book is designed to assist students who feel that the intricacies of the subject are beyond their grasp. It is a text book for students of B.Sc part I, Paper II of Nagpur University. A special feature of this book is that a large number of solved numerical questions have been given. These numerical examples along with other questions have been gleaned from the question papers of the past 14 years of Nagpur University. The examples and questions have been given at the end of each section of a chapter. The questions are quite representative and the students would be able to prepare themselves well for the examination. At the same time the book will help in sharpening of the concepts. We hope that with a little support from their teachers, the students will be able to derive maximum benefit from this book.
The author will be grateful to the teachers as well as students for bringing to notice errors if any and for giving suggestions. We promise to keep them in mind for future editions.


Book Content of Physics Vol-II
  1. Simple Harmonic Motion
  2. Oscillatory Motion
  3. Doppler Effect in Sound
  4. Fourier`s Theorem
  5. Critical Constants and
  6. Thermal Conductivity
  7. Isothermal and Adiabatic
  8. Processes
  9. Kinetic Theory
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