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Principle and Practice of Non Life Insurance


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Insurance is not a new area of academic study of profession. With the increasing dynamism of risk and the growth of professional risk management, the insurance device has become more and more popular these days. The recent liberalisation of the economy has resulted into the availability of large number of alternative products / financial services. This has paved the way for the potential and unconventional entrants to penetrate the financial market through innovative higher product profile and portfolios, resulting into a sudden spurt in the demand of insurance professionals. The study of insurance as an academic discipline in new form is an obvious outcome. More and more academic institutions all over the countries are offering highly specialised insurance programmes to cater to this demand.

Recently, the universities in India and abroad have introduced insurance as a specialised study both at graduate and postgraduate level. This has accentuated the dire demand for the literature on insurance in the Indian context. This book is an attempt to conceptualise the insurance basics and products in line with the curriculum of various universities.

This book attempt to conceptualise the students with fundamental principles of non-life insurance and also provide an indepth knowledge on the practice of non-life insurance.

This book has been organized into five units.

Unit 1 – introduces the concept of insurance to readers. Chapter 1 Conceptualises the evolution and importance of insurance. IT also discusses the features of insurance contracts.

Unit 2 – discusses the marine insurance business. Chapter 2 gives as idea about marine insurance contracts. Chapter 3 discusses the various marine insurance covers and the conditions in a marine insurance Policy. Chapter 4 and 5 respectively discuss the marine underwriting and rating and marine claims and losses. Chapter 6 is devoted to an analysis of the progress of marine insurance business in india.

Units 3 – deals with fire insurance. Chapter 7-9 discuss the fire insurance contracts, various fire covers, rating and claim settlement in fire insurance. Chapter 10 give a brief overview of reinsurance business. Chapter 11 discusses the progress of fire insurance in india.

Units 4 – discuss the various miscellaneous insurances. Chapter 12-18 deals with motor, burglary, personal, accident, rural and other urban non-traditional insurance Chapter 19 traces the progress of miscellaneous general insurance.

Units 5 – is devoted to the important insurance laws in India. Chapter 20 provides a brief overview of Marine Insurance Act, 1963, Insurance Act, 1938, General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Act, 1972 and IRDA Act.


Contents :

Unit 1
1. Introduction to Insurance
Unit 2
2. Marine Insurance
3. Marine Insurance Policies
4. Marine Underwriting & Rating
5. Maritime Losses & Claims
6. Progress of Marine Insurance
Unit 3
7. Fire Insurance Contract & policies
8. Fire Underwriting & Rating
9. Fire Insurance Claims
10. Progress of fire Insurance
11. Reinsurance
Unit 4
12. Motor Insurance
13. Burglary and Personal Accident Insurance
14. Other Miscellaneous Insurance
15. Rural Insurance
16. Property and Liability Insurance
17. Project and Engineering Insurance
18. Social Insurance
19. Progress of Miscellaneous General Insurance
Unit 5
20. Insurance Legislation in India


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