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Principles of Management: Concepts & Cases


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This text gives a concise account of the principle and practices of management in the context of ongoing globalizations of business across the world. Taking the well known ‘Systems’ approach towards management (as its past editions), the text integrates the five constituent management functions, namely; planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling.

  • This book provides a clear understanding of the art of management practices.
  • It place increased emphasis on strategic planning, organizational decision-making, managing people developing leadership style and techniques of control system.
  • In text examples and end of the chapter cases would give a real life perspective of managing.
  • Boxed exhibits would provide additional insights or illustrate managerial concepts.
  • The book examines emerging issues of importance pertaining to organizational change, creativity and innovation.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Management
2. Evolution of Management Thought
3. Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Management
4. Fundamentals of Planning
5. Objectives and Process of Planning
6. Strategies, Policies and Planning
7. Managerial, Policies and Planning
8. Managerial Decision-making
9. Fundamentals of Organizing
10. Strategic Organization Structure
11. Line and Staff Authority and Decentralization
12. Effective Organizing and Organisational Culture
13. Human Resource Management and Staffing
14. Performance Appraisal and Career Strategy
15. Organisational Change and Organisational Development
16. Managing and the Human Factor
17. Motivating Employees for Job Performance
18. Leadership
19. Managing Communication
20. The Control Function
21. Productivity and Operation Management
22. Direct Control Versus Preventive Control
23. Management Information Systems
24. International Management


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