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Principles of Management (Telangana Univ)


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It is a matter of great pleasure to put forth a book titled “Principles of Management” prepared for the degree of B.Com. and B.Com. (Hons.) of Osmania University and for All other Universities in Telangana State w.e.f. the A.Y. 2016-17. The book has been divided into Five Units as prescribed in the syllabus. The language of the book is lucid and addresses the requirements of the undergraduate students. Each unit is followed by Chapter Summary which may help students to do the last minute revision. There is a comprehensive question bank which contains objective and descriptive questions based on the Syllabus.


Contents –

1. Introduction
2. Planning
3. Organisation
4. Delegation and Decentralisation
5. Co-ordination and Control


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2017, 2018, 2019


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Apexa V. Jain,

Dr. Khushpat S. Jain,

Prof. S.A. Sherlekar


Himalaya pub