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During the past century the impact of the concept of Organic Evolution has been felt far beyond the domain of biology. So profound is this impact that it has come to influence the very fabric of human civilization. Viewed from the concept of Organic Evolution every organism inhabiting this planet assumes a significance which is fas- cinating and real. Biological Evolution is an integral part of the evolution of the cosmos and the srigin and progress of mankind are just a part of the story of biologi- cal evolution. A precise knowledge of one`s own biologi- calbackground is indispensable for comprehending one`s nature and status in the complex web of life.
In attempting this book the authors have been guided by an innate desire to bring home the various biological phenomena concerning the facts of Organic Evolution in as lucid and logical a manner as possible. The aathors feel that they have to some extent, if not in full, achieved,fhe aims of this goal.
They are keen on emphasising this fact and placing on record that this achievement would not have been pos- sible but for the encouraging response to the earlier editions of this publication by students and professors of Biology. It is also the prime reason that has prompted the Authors to bring out this revised edition inspite of an avoidable time lag after its last publication in 1983.

Book Content of Principles of Organic Evolution
  1. Introduction
  2. Historical Aspects of Evolutionary Concepts
  3. Origin of Life
  4. Evidence from Comparative Morphology and Anatomy
  5. Evidence from Embryology
  6. Evidence from Geology and Palaeontology
  7. Evidence from Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry
  8. Evidence from Genetics
  9. Evidence from Biogeography or Geographic Distribution
  10. Evidence from Taxonomy
  11. Lamarckian Theory
  12. Darwin`s Theory of Natural Selection
  13. Mutation Theory
  14. Speciation
  15. Convergent and Parallel Evolution
  16. Micro, Macro and Mega Evolution
  17. Adaptive Radiation
  18. Mimicry and Colouration
  19. Evolution of Horse
  20. Evolution of Elephant
  21. Evolution of Man
  22. Cultural Evolution of Man
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Dr. A. P. Kamalakara,

Dr. Itta Sambasivaiah,

T. S. Gopalkrishnan


Himalaya pub