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Sectoral Problems of Indian Economy


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It is a matter of great satisfaction to us that our book Sectoral Problems of Indian Economy has been receiving good response from the students of Second Year B.A. of Mumbai University and the teachers teaching the paper on “Sectoral Problems of Indian Economy” in the different colleges of Mumbai University. We now present a revised and updated fifth edition of our book. Keeping in view the massive changes taking place in the Indian economy and the material that has become available since the last edition was released in June 1998, we have undertaken substantial revision and updating of data. Chapters important from this point of view are Chapter 6 on `New Agricultural Strategy,` Chapter 10 on `Industrial Structure`, Chapter 11 on `Sectors in the Industrial Economy,` Chapter 13 on `Infrastructure and Industrial Development,` Chapter 14 on `Foreign Investment,` Chapter 27 on `Value, Composition and Direction of Foreign Trade,` Chapter 28 on `Balance of Payments,` Chapter 29 on `Exchange Rate Policy` and Chapter 30 on `India and World Trade Organisation.` Chapter 27 has been entirely rewritten and the foreign trade data in this edition is presented in terms of U.S. dollars as rapid erosion in the value of the rupee in recent years has made the comparability of data presented in terms of rupees difficult over a period of time. Chapter 28 has also been revised and now includes the changes in Exim Policy, 1997-2002, announced on March 31, 1999. The government has recently granted Exclusive Marketing Rights (EMRs) to foreign companies sin line with its commitment to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to put in place the product patents regime by 2005. EMRs are discussed in the Appendix to Chapter 30.
We take this opportunity to express our deep sense of gratitude to Dr. Divya Misra, Reader in Economics, Lady Shri Ram Collage, Delhi University, and Mrs. Kiran Puri for their assistance and to our publishers M/s Himalaya Publishing House, for their wholehearted co-operation in the preparation of the present edition.

Contents :

Part I Introduction
1. Demographic Trends in India
2. Human Resources Development
3. Sectoral Contribution to India`s National Income
Part II Agriculture
4. Role of Agriculture in Economic Development
5. Agricultural Production and Productivity Trends in India
6. New Agricultural Strategy
7. Rural Finance
8. Agricultural Pricing
9. Agricultural Marketing
Part III Industry
10. Industrial Structure
11. Sectors in the Industrial Economy
12. Large-Scale, Small-Scale and Cottage Industries in India
13. Infrastructure and Industrial Development
14. Foreign Investment
15. Industrial Policy
Part IV Money and Finance
16. Indian Money Market
17. Indian Capital Market
18. The Role of Banking in India
19. Non-Banking Financial Institutions
20. The Reserve Bank of India
21. Financial Sector Reforms
Part V Public Finance
22. The Indian Tax Structure and Tax Reforms
23. Central Government Reverse and Expenditure
24. Budget Deficit, Money Supply and Inflation
25. Inflationary Trends in India
26. Problems of Public Debt
Part VI Foreign Trade
27. Value, Composition and Direction of Foreign Trade
28. India`s Balance of Payments Problem
29. Exchange Rate Policy
30. World Trade Organisation and India

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