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Social Media Marketing (Sem 3, NEP Karnataka)


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We are happy to place before the teaching and the student community our book SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING for the third semester of BBA in the Universities of Karnataka. The book is written strictly as per the syllabus framed and recommended by the curriculum draft committee for Commerce and Management courses in Karnataka, for the implementation of the National Educational Policy 2020.

Social media is big, Facebook, the largest social media platform, has over 2.96 billion users worldwide and climbing; LinkedIn sports over 875 million members as “the” network for B2B marketers. Indeed, new platforms continue to rise.

Customers are on social media. Nearly everyone uses Facebook – from teenagers to grandmas, business executives to flight attendants. Every day nearly five billion videos are watched on YouTube, and nearly everyone is on one of the social platforms, whether that is Facebook or Instagram or YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitter. By marketing via social media, you can “fish where the fish are”.

Social media is free, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedln, Pinterest… are, of course, free to use. Users love them because, “for free,” they get access to their friends and family, plus content from brands they love. And in terms of marketing, there is a lot you can do, for free, to build your brand, spread eWOM (electronic word of mouth), help you stay top-of-mind with your customers, and even “get shares” or “go viral”. (“Free”, as we will learn, does not mean easy or no hard work involved – more on that later!)

Social Media can reach not only existing but also new customers. Between organic (“free”) and paid reach on sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, you can not only stay in touch with your existing customers, you can also be discovered by new customers. Unlike on search engines like Google (where customers must proactively look for you), on social media, you can be discovered as customer No. 1 shares information with customer No 2. You can also be discovered not when a customer is proactively searching for you but when he just happens to be checking his Facebook news feed or browsing photos on Instagram. Social Media offers advertising opportunities.

This book on Social Media Marketing covers Social Medias like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube marketing and Search Engine Optimization. The book is written in an easily understandable style, study questions are given at the end of the each chapter to well internalise the subject by readers.


Contents –

1: Social Media Introduction
2: Facebook – Instagram Marketing
3: Twitter Marketing
4: YouTube Marketing
5: Search Engine Optimization-Recent Trends and Challenges




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H. Jayanth,

Madhu S.,

Sk. Md. Nizamuddin


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