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Socio-Economic Analysis of Farmer Suicides


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I am very happy to bring this book to the readers. I tried to find out driving factors for the farmers’ suicides and its impact on households to the best of my ability. The book is divided in to 9 chapters. Each chapter is divided into various sub sections. The erstwhile Medak district is one of the districts with farming crisis in Telangana state. It has witnessed proportionately more farmer suicides growing in food crops along with commercial crops.

In the Introductory chapter the need for the study, objectives and methodology is presented. The review of literature is presented in a separate chapter (chapter 2), since there are many studies related to the theme. The profile of the Medak district is presented in chapter 3. The incidents of farmer suicides in the state and Medak district are analysed in chapter 4. The Socio-Economic background of the farmers who have committed suicide in the Medak district is examined in chapter 5. In chapter 6, the reasons for farmers’ suicides in the Medak district is discussed. The impact of farmers’ suicides on the Socio-Economic conditions of households in the district is examined in chapter 7. The role of NGOs, the response of the government and particularly the recent scheme (Rythu Beema) of Telangana government is discussed in chapter 8. The summary and concluding observations are presented in chapter 9.


Contents –

1. Introduction
2. Review of Literature
3. Profile of Medak District
4. Incidents and Trends of Farmer Suicides in India
5. Socio-Economc Profile of the Families of the Deceased
6. Problems and Factors of Farmer’s Suicides
7. Consequences and Implications of Suicides on Households
8. Responses on Farmer Suicides
9. Summary and Conclusions


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