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Wealth Creation Through Entrepreneurship


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“An average person works for others, an intelligent person works for himself” or “An intelligent person works for others, an average person works for himself”. Which one is true? One who works for himself is an entrepreneur and one who works for others is an employee. In selecting the right choice for the above question, the idea of entrepreneurship was developed. Management community shall work for development of more number of employers than employees. Wealth is respected everywhere in the world. If one observes closely, all wealthy nations are those, who had more number of entrepreneurs. Somehow entrepreneurship is not a well developed and well respected profession in India. Poverty in India can be eliminated through entrepreneurship because by giving a fish to a hungry man, only one time, his hunger is met, but, by teaching him fishing, hunger is removed in the long term. An employee can fulfill the need of one family, where as an entrepreneur can fulfill the needs of many families and thus society. Thus, this book is on “Wealth creation through Entrepreneurship”.

This book is about analogies, i.e., it gives stories in order to inspire people to start initiating the right approach to strat an enterprise of their own. There are personal interpretation of the writer and to be taken in the context mentioned in the book wherever applicable.


Book Content of Wealth Creation Through Entrepreneurship
1. Entrepreneurship: What is in it?
2. Characteristics Features of Entrepreneurs
3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
4. Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise, Entrepreneurs vs. Intrapreneurs
5. Entrepreneurship: How to go about it?
6. Problems of Entrepreneurs: How to Overcome them?
7. Ethical Practices in Entrepreneurship 

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Dr. P. V. Raveendra,

Prof. L. Venugopal Reddy


Himalaya pub