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Zoology (Sem 5, Gondwana Univ)


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It is the pleasant duty to the auther to thanks the kinds of generous readers for the warm and cordial accorded by them to the previous books of semester I, II, III, IV. We have great pleasure in placing this book “Zoology” for B.Sc. Zoology fift semester students. This Books has been completed exclusively as per the CBCS pattern syllabus and Dicipline Specific Electives (DSE) core subject for B.Sc. III year students of Gondwana Universirty, Gadchiroli.

The present syllabus of fifth semester made as per the UGC norms. In this syllabus pattern there are Dicipline Specific Electives (DSE) subjects are the core papers and skill Enhancement Course (SEC) along with DSE. Syllabus is quite precise and valuable to the students. The main purpose of writing this book is to prevent the subject matter in a concise and easily understandable from centralizing the basic needs of the students and teachers. The material presented here is based on autho’s experience and lecture notes, prepared from time to time. This Book Includes- 1. Paper-III: Insect Vector And Diseases 2.Discipline Specific Electives (DSE) (Core Paper XI) 3. Part-III – Practicle Zoology based on Paper III

Topic wise precise presentation according to paper qustion pattern is the exclusive feature of this book. Several neccessary and illustrative diagram have been included in the text which help students to undestand and grasp the idea quickly and easily. We arranged the questions bank at the end of each unit which facilitate students while writting the answers.


Contents –

1.1. General Features of Insects, Head – Eyes, Types of antennae
1.2. Types of Mouth parts.
1.3. Brief introduction of Carrier and Vectors(mechnical and biological vector)
1.4. Host-vector relattionship, Adaptions as vectors.
2.1. Classification of insects up to orders,
2.2. Detailed features of orders with insects and Vectors – Diptera, Siphonaptra,
2.3. Dipterans as important insect vectors- Mosquitoes, Houseflies;
2.4. Study of mosquito-borne diseases- Chickungunya, Filariasis.
3.1. Study of sand fly-borne diseases
3.2. Visceral Leiahmaniasis
3.3. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
3.4. Phelebotomus fever
3.5. Control Of Sand fly.
3.6. Study of house fly as important mechnical vector, Mysis
3.7. Control of house fly.
3.8. Bugs as insects vectors; Blood-sucking bugs; Chags disease.
3.9. Bed bugs as mechnicle vectors and control and prevention measures.
4.1. Fleas as important insects vectors; HOst-specificity,
4.2. Study of Flea-borne diseases- Plague, Typhus fever
4.3. Control of fleas.
4.4. Human louse(Head, Body and and Pubic louse) as important insects vectors.
4.5. Study of louse-borne deseases-Replacing fever, Trench fever
4.6. Control Of human louse.
Contents Of Practicle 1. Study of Life cycle of Mosquito
2. Study of Life of house fly Muscanebulo
3. Study of Life cycle of Bed bugs
4. Study of diffrent kinds of mouthparts of insects
5. Study of insects vectors through permanent slides/photographs
6. Study of types of antennae through available permanent slides, charts or photographs.


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Deepak S.Bansod,

Ganpat D.Deshmukh,

Jayesh W. Hajare,

Pankaj R. Chavhan,

Umesh S.Indurkar


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