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Basics of E-Marketing


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The book “Basics of E-Marketing: As Per Indian Perspective” has been written as per the syllabus of most of Indian Universities. The book covers all theoretical explanations and management functionalities of E-Marketing Management. A special care is taken to prepare this manuscript error free. All the chapters provide in-depth understanding of all the contents. Main feature of this book is that it covers all the contemporary aspects of India in its way of explanation. Each chapter is ended with key takeaways, review questions, keywords and case studies. Chapter 1 provides the brief overview of E-Marketing system with the necessities of infrastructure. Chapter 2 compares conventional marketing (traditional marketing) with E-Marketing options. Chapter 3 talks about how the Internet is useful as a marketing tool. Chapter 4 explains about the Indian e-tailing system. Chapter 5, Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 describes on e-mail marketing, online advertising and search engine marketing methodologies. Chapter 8 depicts about the role of social media and content marketing to acknowledge consumers. Chapter 9 describes the Web 2.0 technologies. Chapter 10 defines how to set the electronic marketing strategies to gain success. Chapter 11 provides details about privacy and safety considerations for the Internet transactions. Chapter 12 mentions for designing and developing website for E-Marketing activities. Last Chapter 13 predicts about the marketing positioning of India in the era of Information. Language of this book is kept very lucid with good number of examples. Each of the topics is prolific with good number of charts, illustrations and exhibits. All these special features provide freedom to all readers to read any chapter without prerequisites of any base.


Contents –

Chapter I : An Overview of E-Marketing
Chapter II : Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing
Chapter III : Internet as A Marketing Tool
Chapter IV : E-Tailing in India
Chapter V : Email Marketing
Chapter VI : Online Advertising
Chapter VII : Search Engine Marketing
Chapter VII : Social Media and Content Marketing
Chapter IX : Web 2.0
Chapter X : Marketing Strategies through Internet
Chapter XI : Privacy And Security Issues In E-Marketing
Chapter XII : Developing E-Marketing Website
Chapter XIII : 2020 – India at the AXLE of Digital Age<br


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Dr. Nishant Vachhani,

Dr. Sanjay Bhayani


Himalaya pub