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Basics of Financial Services (Mumbai Univ)


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Today, Finance plays an imperative role in the economic development of any nation. India is not an exception to this. Various attempts have been made by the Government from time to time in order to reinforce the financial system of our country. This book, which has been written in line with the revised syllabus of S.Y. BMS of Mumbai University, is an attempt to provide the basic knowledge to the learners about the Financial Services Sector in India.

The book is unique in its presentation and style. Authors have tried to present the matter in as clear and simple manner as possible to make it intelligible to each and every student.


Contents :

Unit I
1. An Overview of Financial System
2. Components of Financial System
3. Financial Services in India (Financial Product)
4. Regulatory Framework of Financial System
Unit II
5. Commercial Banks
6. Reserve Bank of India
7. Development Banks in India
Unit III
8. Insurance
9. Reinsurance
10. Purpose and Need of Insurance
11. Different Kinds of Life Insurance Product
12. Basic Idea about Fire Insurance
13. Basic Idea about Marine Insurance
14. Basic Idea about Bancassurance
Unit IV
15. Concept of Mutual Fund
16. Mutual Fund Scheme
17. Money Market Mutual Funds
18. Private Sector Mutual Funds
19. Evaluation of Performance of Mutual Funds
20. Functioning of Mutual Fund in India


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Sunil Lalchandani,

Suraj Agarwala


Himalaya pub