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We have great pleasure in placing this book, B.Sc. Semester III paper I : Angiosperm Taxonomy and Paper II: Cell Biology, Plant Breeding and Evolution in the hands of B.Sc. Semester – III Botany students of RTM Nagpur University.

The present book is written as per the prescribe semester wise syllabus of RTM Nagpur University, revised from June 2013. The main aim of writing this book is to present the subject matter in a concise and easily understandable from keeping in view the basic needs of the students. The book is an effort to make available an authentic and standard study material for the students and teachers.

The unique features of our book is point wise presentation of subject matter which we feel really helpful for the students while reading the book and writing the answer. Several illustrative diagrams have been included in the text which will help the students to grasp the ideas quickly an easily. We sincerely feel that this book will fulfil the requirements of the students an the teachers.


Contents –

Paper – I : Angiosperm Taxonomy
Unit I – Morphology of Angiosperms
Unit II – Classification of Angiosperms
Unit III – Family – Malvaceae (The Cotton Family)
Unit IV – Family – Asclepiadaceae
Paper – II : Cell Biology, Plant Breeding & Evolution
Unit – I – Structure of Typical Plant Cell
Unit – II – Ultrastructure & Functions of Golgi Complex
Unit – III- Chromosome Organization
Unit – IV – Plant Breeding


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Dr. Anil S. Dahat,

Dr. Kalpana P. Ghoshal,

Dr. Mahesh N. Mhaiskar,

Dr. Mundeep G. Awaley,

Dr. S. P. Qureshi,

Dr. Sandip H. Shende


Himalaya pub