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Brand Building (Mumbai Uni)


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This book is written while keeping in mind the requirement of the media students. Concepts mentioned in the syllabus are explained in the simplest manner with the current examples.

Brand Building as a subject is designed to explore various aspects of creating a strong brand. This book has two major areas to explore. The first category deals with building identity for the brand, its image and positioning. For a brand to create a place in the market, meticulous planning and strategizing is of utmost importance. Without efficient planning, the brand may not be able to survive in the competitive market. The second part of the book explores how constant monitoring and maintenance of the brands helps having a competitive advantage. Sticking to just one strategy for very long can wear off the image of the brand. For keeping the brand, young companies have to adopt strategies like extension, leveraging, rebranding and repositioning. Many examples of these strategies have been mentioned in this book and explains the above concepts in details.

After liberalisation, our markets have opened up to international brands. These brands have many new ideas and strategies. When they launched their products in India, they slowly realised that the advertising that worked wonders in international market were not getting accepted in India. India is known for its rich culture and various traditions. These cultural values play a vital role in consumer decision making as well. This culture is so deeply imbibed that even the market leaders internationally have failed to create place in Indian hearts. This book also explores reasons and examples that help students understand how international companies are adopting local flavours in the marketing as well as branding strategies.


Contents –

1. Brand and Branding
2. Brand Positioning and Perceptual Mapping
3. Brand Personality
4. Brand Leveraging
5. Branding Strategies
6. Brand Repositioning
7. Brand Equity
8. Brand Equity Management Models
9. Brand Building Imperatives


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