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Business Communication – II (Mumbai Univ)


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Being prepared for the world of work entails having good command of communication skills. The first real, business communication that students face will be group discussion and job interview. In this book, a large number of actually asked interview questions have been provided as tutorial activity. Practice with these questions should raise students’ self-confidence.

Besides, knowing as much as possible about arranging meetings, participating in meetings, and having a good understanding of the supporting written documents of a meeting would enable even a new entrant to a job to make a mark by performing well in all matters related to this important form of group communication.

Knowledge of how Public Relations works, how the company’s letters impact relations with customers and associates, is an asset in any job. Ability to write useful and readable reports is a somewhat difficult skill which improves with practice and marks out the efficient employee. Combined with skills in summarising, these communication skills are an essential preparation for entering the workforce and beginning a career.

This book, which covers all these topics, also covers the Mumbai University’s syllabus for Semester II of F.Y.B.Com., BAF, BMS and BBI.


Contents –

Unit I : Presentation Skills
1: Presentations
Unit II : Group Communication
2: Interviews
3: Meetings
4: Meetings: Notice, Agenda and Resolutions
5: Conference
6: Public Relations
Unit III : Business Correspondence
7: Letters of Enquiry
8: Complaints, Claims and Adjustments
9: Sales, Promotional Leaflets and Fliers
10: Consumer Grievance Letters and Letters Related to Right to Information Act
Unit IV : Language and Writing Skills
11: Reports
12: Summarisation


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