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Business Environment (Tumkur Univ)


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A person, who would like to start and organize business, have different forms of business Organization. Adopting a specific form depends on the various factors. Selecting a suitable form leads to Success in the business.

Success in a business depends not only on the form of business organization but also on the environmental forces. Popularly called environment factors- these forces include global, technological, political-legal, economic, cultural social and natural. We have discussed, at length, the interface between business and its environmental factors. Needless to say, our focus is on Indian business.

A student with B.Com. degee in hand needs to have knowledge about business, the scope and objectives of business and forces of business environment.

We have brough out “Business Environment” to meet the specific needs of Tumkur University.

The book is rich with examples drawn from Indian business environment. Questions and skill building exercises make the book more user-friendly. We hope that the book would receive warm response from teachers and students.


Contents –

1. Introduction to Business Organisation
2. Business Environment
3. Political Institutions
4. The Constitution of India
5. Rationale and Extent of State Intervention
6. End of Government Business?
7. Technological Environment
8. Economic Environment
9. Monetary and Fiscal Policies
10. Industrial Policy
11. New Economic Policy
12. Industrial Policy
13. Globalisation
14. Strategies for Going Global
15. WTO and the Trading Blocks
16. Privatisation
17. Natural Environment
18. Exit Policy


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G.Sudarsana Reddy,

K. Aswathappa


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