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Business Ethics


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Today`s business world is highly complex. All the companies working in such an environment are bound to face stiff competition on several fronts. They not only keep a tab on internal factors but also have to pay attention to their external environment. Both these factors together affect a firm`s working environment. Economic scenario of the industry, type of technology, Government rules and regulations, social factors, ecological and natural factors, international business scenario etc. have profound impact on the business. These factors impact strategies adopted by a company-be it marketing strategies or manufacturing strategies. Hence in order to formulate appropriate business strategies, one should have proper understanding of the business environment.

The present book has been precisely designed to meet the needs of the students preparing for BA, BMS, B.Com.(Hons), B.Com., M.Com, MBA and other professional courses. This book provides a complete and comprehensive study material written in a simple and lucid language. Students can easily comprehend the subject without going through the bulky volumes. The book has been written in such a way that it explains all the factors one by one. All the related Acts are also given alongside these factors. The syllabus is very vast and and there are diversified topics which have been presented in the easiest possible way.


Contents :

1. Ethics
2. Business Ethics
3. Business Ethics in India
4. Corporate Social Responsibility
5. Culture and Ethics
6. Ethical and Unethical Business Practices
7. Ethics and Religion
8. Ethics and Hinduism
9. Ethics and Action
10. Ethics and Buddhism
11. Ethics and Jainism
12. Ethics and Sikhism
13. Islam and Ethics
14. Holistic Decision-Making
15. Indian Socio Political Environment work Ethos
16. Management of Ethics
17. Modern Indian Ethics
18. Personal Growth and Human Values
19. Value
20. Professional Ethics
21. Relevance of Values in Management
22. Stress in Corporate Management-Indian Perspective


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Dr. Niraj Kumar,

Mr. Paras Tripathi


Himalaya pub