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Business Perspectives


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Business Perspectives takes an aerial view of business. The nature of business, the environmental forces impacting its functioning and the like have been discussed in detail. Such micro issues as organizing facilities, hiring people, converting inputs into saleable products and how they are marketed are not being covered in the book.

The book has 20 chapters divided into three parts, Part 1 contains two chapters and both these seek to explain the nature of business and how the environment is analysed and used for the benefit of an organization. Part 2 has 15 chapters. All these chapters contain details explanation of all the environmental facets impacting business. Specifically this part throws light on political-legal, economic, technological and global forces surrounding business.

The remaining three chapters form Part 3 of the book. These three chapters deal with the social concerns of businesses. Thus, the treatment of the subject is fairly comprehensive. A flip through the book will convince the reader that it is rich in pedagogy. Each chapter commences with chapter outline, learning objectives and has, towards the end, questions and assignments. Margin notes are helpful to the readers in as much as they help recollect concepts quickly. Exhibits contain interesting anecdotes. The text is full of examples drawn from contemporary business world.

Contents :

Part − I
1. Nature of Business
2. Business Environment
3. Political Institutions
4. Rationale and Extent of State Intervention
5. End of Government in Business?
Part − II
6. Economic Environment
7. Industrial Policy
8. Pubic Sector Enterprises
9. Privatisation
10. Small Scale Industries
11. Entrepreneurship
12. Infrastructure
13. Industrial Sickness
14. Monetary and Fiscal Policies
15. External Sector
16. Technological Environment
17. Meaning and Rationale of Globalisation
Part − III
18. Social Responsibility of Business
19. Business Ethics
20. Corporate Governance


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