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Business Regulations (Sem 6, Bangalore Univ)


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Any course on Business Law generally comprises Chapters on Contract Act, Sale of Goods Act, Agency Acts, Companies Act, and the like. But the syllabus of Business Regulations prescribed for B.Com. students of Bangalore University is an exception. Besides including chapter on the Contract Act (which is fundamental for any business transaction and hence cannot be missed), the paper include chapter on highly relevant and contemporaneous legislations like Competition Act, Consumer Protection Act, Patent Laws, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Environmental Protection Act covering landmark judgments of a few Acts. The members of Board of Studies are sensitive and responsive to the changed needs of business.

We have brought out Business Regulations to meet the specific needs of the Semester VI B.Com. students of Bangalore University. Besides being comprehensive coverage, the book is rich in pedagogy also. The book is full of figures and tables. Every chapter is appended with classified questions and skill-building exercises. Also provided Supreme Court landmark judgments of a few Acts.


Contents –

1. Introduction to Business Law
2. The Indian Contract Act, 1872
3. Indian Sale of Goods Act, 1930
4. The Competition Act, 2002
5. The Consumer Protection Act [COPRA], 1986
6. The Patents Act, 1970
7. Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
8. The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986
Skill Building Exercise


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2020, 2019



G.Sudarsana Reddy,

K. Aswathappa


Himalaya pub