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Business Regulatory Framework: BUSINESS LAW


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The subject of the Business Regulatory Framework: Business Law assumes great importance in almost all Universities in India. The present book has been written particularly for the students pursuing B.Com / BBA and BA (Mgt) in different Government and Private Universities of India. It is strictly based on the Syllabus as prescribed by the different universities under National Education Policy 2020.

This book has got some special features:

  • The Negotiable Instrument Act 1881 has also been incorporated.
  • The Consumer Protection Act 1986.
  • In this edition, a chapter on the Competition Act, 2002 [as amended by the Competition (Amendment) Act, 2009] has been included including the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practice Act, 1969.
  • Inclusion of Intellectual Property Right Act.

The language used throughout this work is simple and easily understandable. The complicated and complex provisions of Acts have been made simple and clearly understandable. Suitable case laws and examples have been inserted in a quite intelligible manner making the subject more clear to the students. The Questions at the end of each and every chapter include Long Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions, and Objective Questions as per the new pattern of Examination. The text covers all the answers to such questions. The book completely serves the purposes of the B.Com / BBA and BA (Mgt) course in all respects. The students shall not be required either to consult any other book or even to make their personal notes if they take help from this book for preparing themselves for their examinations.

Contents –

Indian Contract Act 1872
1. Introduction to Law and Indian Contract Act 1872
2. Nature, Essentials and Kinds of Contract
3. Proposal
4. Acceptance
5. Free Consent
6. Consideration and Legality of an Object
7. Capacity of Parties to Contract
8. Expressly Declared Void Agreements
9. Contingent Contracts
10. Quasi Contracts
11. Discharge of Contracts
12. Remedies for Breach of Contract
Sale of Goods Act 1930
13. Contract of Sale of Goods
14. Conditions and Warranties
15. Transfer of Property
16. Performance of Contract of Sale
17. Unpaid Seller
18. Special Contracts of Bailment, Pledge and Agency
19. Consumer Protection Act, 1986
20. Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881
21. Foreign Exchange Management Act 2000
22. Intellectual Property Right Act – Patents (Part I)
23. Intellectual Property Right Act – Trademarks (Part II)
24. Intellectual Property Right Act – Copyrights (Part III)
25. Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1969
26. Competition Act 2002 – Part I
27. Competition Act 2002 – Part II
28. Competition Act 2002 – Part III
29.Competition Act 2002 – Part IV
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Ashish Dilraj,

Binoy Arickal,

Nitin Jain


Himalaya pub


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