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Business Research Methods (Mumbai Univ)


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This 21st century is quite challenging and to meet the requirements of this challenging environment, Mumbai University has revised the syllabus for BMS students. Revised syllabus has become effective from the present academic session 2015-2016. This book is made to meet the requirements of BMS students as this book is as per the revised syllabus of Mumbai University. This book tries to explain the concepts of Research Methodology in simple terms.

According to the requirement of syllabus, book is divided into four units where the first unit deals with introduction to business research methods, types of research and sampling. Second unit deals with data collection and processing. Third unit deals with analyzing and interpreting the data whereas the fourth unit deals with techniques of writing a research report and ethics in research.

The book will prove useful for students and teachers. We request the readers to point the errors in the book as there are chances of errors in such a kind of work. Suggestions from teachers and students are appreciated for improvements in subsequent editions.


Contents –

Chapter 1: Introduction to Business Research Methods
Chapter 2: Hypothesis
Chapter 3: Research Design
Chapter 4: Sampling
Chapter 5: Data Collection
Chapter 6: Data Analysis and Interpretation
Chapter 7: Report Writing
Chapter 8: Ethics in Research
Case Studies
Case Study 1: Research Problem and Formulation of the Research Hypothesis
Case Study 2: Research Design
Case Study 3: Primary and Secondary Data
Case Study 4: Sampling
Case Study 5: Testing of Hypothesis
Case Study 6: Ethics in Research
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Charanjit Kaur Banga,

Nikitaa Prajapati,

Prof. Shraddha Bhome,

Swati S. Desai


Himalaya pub