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Communication Skills-II


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This volume is indeed “a highly practical resource for readers with all levels of experience”. And each is by intent and in execution solution-oriented. Although I think those who have only recently embarked on a business career will derive the greatest benefit, the material is well-worth a periodic review by senior-level executives.

The global developments in Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) have transformed customer service encounters which were until recently face-to-face. Major business areas of healthcare, insurance, banking and media are increasingly moving their customer processes to call centres, web-based interaction, and e-mails. ITES is set for explosive growth over the next decade, alongside being increasingly outsourced to non-English speaking destinations. The need for good English language communication skills is becoming ever more acute. This book Communication Skills − II looks closely at interactive communication in customer-facing services, featuring the voices of both academics and those in industry. It aims to integrate the work of applied linguists, teachers, trainers and businesses. After an initial discussion on the value of research to applied training, the major issues of ITES communications are addressed with either an academic analysis being followed by a training example derived from it, or with an analysis of a workplace problem followed by a research-based solution proposal. This volume should appeal to a wide readership in academic, business training and HR departments.

Book Content of Communication Skills-II
1. Interviewing
2. Interpersonal Skills
3. Strategies to Answer During Interviews
4. Listening
5. Negotiations
6. Group Communication
7. Making Presentation-Getting Started
8. Organizing and Presenting the Speech
9. writing Effective Memos
Annexure : Transactional Analysis

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