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Corporate Administration (Sem 2, NEP (Karnataka))


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The textbook is presented methodically as per the syllabus, and also takes into account the skill development components. The first chapter delves upon the highlights of the The Companies Act, 2013, kinds of companies like one person company, global company and corporate listed companies. The second chapter of the textbook deliberates on the various dimensions of formation of companies apart from expounding the important documents and e-filling aspects for formation of companies of rules in respect of the different kinds of companies.

Chapter three deals with corporate administration, key managerial personal, C-suite executives, independent, resident, old-time directors, audit committee, CSR committee, company secretary, his/her qualifications, appointment, position, rights, duties, liabilities and so on. Chapter four deals with various types of corporate meetings, voting, resolutions and role of company secretary in the conduct of various meetings. Further, insolvency code intricacies or meticulously expounded for the clear and lucid understanding of the subject corporate administration.


Contents –

1. Introduction to Company
2. Formation of Joint-Stock Companies
3. Company Administration
4. Corporate Meetings
5. Winding Up of Companies
Skill Development Activities
Model Question Papers



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Dr. K. Ramachandra,

Prof. Alla Bakash S.,

S. Nagabhushana,

Smt. A. S. Geetha Bai


Himalaya pub