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Corporate Magic


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The book specifically caters to all those who are employed or employ others for a living across the world.

Every aspect of corporate life has been thoroughly researched and practical tips and guidelines are shared in this book. The book has kept international guidelines as its benchmark.

It is a Corporate code making life easier for employers, employees and helps in nation building and believing world is a global village for all. It will assist any individual to understand the prevailing and developing written and unwritten rules of the corporate world.

It has comprehensive material on reducing stress and effective methods of stress management, conflict management and prevention of corporate suicides too.

In short, the book makes corporate life more interesting and valuable and is your guide to corporate success.


Contents –

1. Introductory
2. Corporate Etiquettes in Detail
3. Private Email Monitoring
4. Tips for Managing the office Holiday Party
5. Proxemics
6. Should Hugging be part of Your Corporate Culture
7. Are Unpaid Interships Ethical?
8. Organisational Conflicts: Real-Life Instances
9. Friendships at workplace
10. Romantic Liaisons and office Flings: Dos and Don’ts
11. Real-life Instances : Romantic Affairs, Harassments and Victimisation
12. Sexual Harassment: How to Deal With it ?
13. Stress at Workplace and How to Deal with it ?
14. Employee Life Cycle
15. How to Make it to the Interview Stage?
16. Psychometric Testing
17. Psychological Tests
18. Trainings and Talent Management
19. Employee Engagement
20. Dos and Don’ts in a Job Interview
21. How to Succeed Once You Start as a Member of the Organization?
22. How Do You Deal With an Unethical, Productive Employee?
23. Enthuse Your Way to Employee Buy-in
24. How to Tackle Negative Feedback and still Feel Great ?
25. Organisational Politics
26. You Lost Your Job
27. Tips for Employers
28. How to Treat Your Customer?
29. Negotiating Skills
30. Probation and Confirmation
32. Resignation Letter
33. Termination Letters
34. References
35. Avoiding Legal Liability When Providing References
36. Tips for Employers Checking References
37. Layoffs
38. Corporate Gender Gap
39. Corporate Social Responsibility
40. Business Ethics
41. Current State of CSR in India
42. Leadership
43. How to be a CEO?
44. Be the Boss, Not a Friend
45. Management is an Art
46. Corporate Suicides and Methods to Stop Them


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