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Entrepreneurial Education (Process of Creating Entrepreneurs)


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Entrepreneurial Education Process of Creating Entrepreneurs designed for this time of transformation presents the essentials of entrepreneurship education within the contemporary economic environment. It is comprehensive and up-to-date discussion of the most prominent issues in the field of entrepreneurship education, theory and developments including the process involved in creating entrepreneurs. The key features are simple and lucid style of writing, balance between theory, practice and ground realities, exercises and success stories to motivate, create entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurs that being the core objective of entrepreneurial education. The subject matter has been carefully chosen to meet syllabic requirements while allowing extensive flexibility to fit various course designs and class sizes, including multidisciplinary and integrative curriculum settings. Importantly, this is done by blending the fundamentals of education, entrepreneurship with special attention to practical concerns. The book is organized into twelve chapters and each chapter addresses an important issue of entrepreneurship education. The book begins with Introduction; the next chapter is Fundamentals of Education. The third chapter deals with Psychology of Education, the fourth chapter discusses Fundamentals, History, Concept of Entrepreneurship and the fifth chapter is about Psychology of Entrepreneurship. The sixth chapter is about Bridging the Gap between Entrepreneurial Education, Employability and Transferability of Skills. The seventh chapter is on Challenges for Entrepreneurial Education, the eighth chapter delves into Future Areas of Research and the ninth chapters provides Action Plan for Entrepreneurial Educators. Tenth, eleventh and twelfth chapters are for providing faculty support and include, Country Specific Cases of Entrepreneurial Education, Exercises and Success Stories to aid in developing entrepreneurs, facilitate training of mind, motivate, inspire and act as role models for undertaking entrepreneurial activities. The last is the Bibliography for reference and further reading.

Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Fundamentals of Education
3. The Psychology of Education
4. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
5. The Psychology of Entrepreneurship
6. Bridging the Gap: Education to Entrepreneurship
7. Strategies for Developing Entrepreneurial Graduates


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Dr. Neeta Baporikar


Himalaya pub