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Varying techno-economic state of affairs and globalization of markets have posed many challenges and also changed the way the business is being run irrespective of diverse factors. The practice of administration / management is dependent on the different socio-economic, political, and legal environment factors in which the business is in commission. He must make decisions, plan, organize and implement and control the activities in the ecological perspective.

The book is written keeping in mind the requirements of various categories of scholars and their curriculum requirements. It may acts as a useful reference for B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.B.A and M.Com. courses.

Keeping in mind the curriculum requirements of Universities, the book is organized into twentyfour chapters. Each part is dealt with satisfactory detail.

Special Features of the Book –
– A perfect guide for entrepreneurial teachers and instructors.
– A means of infomation on entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, schemes, projects and linked issues.
– The subject matter is presented in such a simple and lucid style that the prospective students can grasp it easily and quickly.
– It would also prove to be of immense help to students opting for business as their career.
– Case studies are included to understand the depthness of the subject matter.
– Useful references are included area wise to help the students, who need the greater details.


Contents –

1. Introduction
2. Evolution, Theories and Types of Entrepreneur
3. Women Entrepreneurship
4. The Entrepreneurial Perspective
5. Intrapreneurs – An Emerging Class
6. Business Environment Analysis
7. Creating and Starting the Venture
8. Project Management
9. Legal Issues for the Entrepreneur
10. Relevant Acts
11. Setting up a New Venture
12. Entrepreneurial Support
13. Incentives and Subsidies
14. Taxation Benefits
15. Environment Concerns
16. Managing Operation
17. Human Resource Management
18. Entrepreneurial Finance
19. Entrepreneurial Marketing
20. Industrial Sickness
21. Innovation in Entrepreneurship
22. Business Incubation
23. Corporate Social Responsibility
24. Consumer Protection in India
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Dr. Achut P. Pednekar


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