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Fundamentals of Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy


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There are lot of books on subjects like Atomic and molecular physics available in the International and national market; but the question remains why another book on the same subject? The reason for this is though large availability of books; but books specially prepared taking into account the specific background of students and curricula in our country. In addition, a book containing the hard concepts of subject made lucid to suite a common student for understanding the core subject is very important. Therefore, an attempt in this direction is made in this book. The rigorous efforts and 15 years of experiences in this subject are put forward in this book. The book has grown out of a course of 60 lecture on Atomic and molecular physics delivered in colleges and universities of Maharashtra. The outline of course followed the standard graduate and post-graduate syllabi of most of the Indian universities. It many not be out of place to say a few words about the new features of this book compared to the other standard books. The book is divided into six chapters (with one supplementary chapter) consisting all the fundamentals of atomic and molecular physics. It includes up-to-date solved problems useful for preparation of competitive exams like NET, SLETS, GATE, etc. An idea about the eminent personalities is added to get an insight about their contribution and dedication towards this subject. Uptill now “Introduction to atomic spectra- H. E. White and Molecular structure and spectra (both volume) – G. Herzberg”, were two standard and widely accepted books by the mass. However, we thought that why not combine these two subject and make one, so that students are not forced to buy two books. Hope, that the subjects find this book useful.

Book Content of Fundamentals of Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy

Chapter 1 Atomic Structure and Vector Atom Model

Chapter 2 Stren-Gerlach Experiment and
Spectra of Single Valence Elements

Chapter 3 Two Valence Electron System

Chapter 4 Zeeman & Paschen-Back Effect

Chapter 5 Molecular Spectra

Chapter 6 Studies of X-Ray Spectro


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