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Fundamentals of Linear Algebra


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The book is written keeping in mind the syllabi of some major Universities and technical institutions. The unique approach of this book is that each chapter consists of many worked out examples. This will enable the students to tackle the problems given in problem sets without seeking helf from others. The proofs of theorem have been neatly and extensively mentioned. This makes the book a self contained one and fit for self study. Undergraduate students of both basic science and engineering shall obtain utmost benefit from this book.

The first chapter deals with basic concepts of sets and functions. The second chapter deals with vectors. These two chapters will help the students to refresh their memories of past study and to guide them to enter the domain of linear algebra.

Third chapter deals with vectorspaces and subspaces. The idea of vectors given to the students in lower classes occurs in abstract form in this chapter.

Fourth chapter deals with linear transformations. Fifth chapter deals with respresentation of transformations by matrices. Sixth chapter deals with matrices. Seventh chapter deals with determinants. Eight chapter consists of the idea of eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Ninth and the concluding chapter deals with minimal polynomials.

Each chapter contains problem sets. The answer to the problem sets have been given at the end after the ninth chapter. The index of important terms has been given in alphabatical order.


Contents –

1. Basic Concepts of Sets and Functions
2. Vectors
3. Vector Spaces and Subspaces
4. Linear Transformations
5. Representation of Transformations by Matrices
6. Matrices
7. Determinants
8. Eigenvalues and Eigen Vectors
9. Minimal Polynomial


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Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Dalai,

Dr. Rajani Ballav Dash


Himalaya pub