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Fundamentals of Retail Banking


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Banking has been wholesale banking for very small rich class and companies, until foreign banks, during 1970-1980, came out with consumer banking models. Better future and Carcer of Indian banks, especially entered into the area in 1990, at the start of liberalisation and globalisation, Since then, this sector has grown tremendously. Bank employees and general readers of banking and finance needed a some kind of full text-book along with questions in multiple choice to enable them to answer is written test or diploma examinations to get through with higher level.

It appears that there is normally non-availability of books on Retail Banking in India. My this book covers in its 19 chapters which covers important subjects like Customer Requirements/Product Development / Marketing of Retail Banking Services / Delivery Channels / CRM / Banking Codes and Standard Board of India / Non-Performing Assets etc.

This book is written in text with multiple questions (4 to 5 options) for easy understanding the subject-matter. How far I have been successful depends on the readers / students and bank employees who achieve as a result of their efforts of learnings.


Contents :

1. Retail Banking
2. Role of Retail Banking
3. Applicability of Retail Banking Concepts
4. Customer Requirements
5. Product Development Process
6. Credit Scoring and Risks
7. Important Retail Asset Products
8. Credit and Debit Cards
9. Remittance Products
10. Marketing of Retail Banking Services
11. Delivery Channels in Retail Banking
12. Delivery Models in Banks
13. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
14. Banking Codes and Standard Board of India (BCSBI)
15. Technology in Retail Banking
16. Non-Performing Assets / Registration of Documents
17. Securitisation – Mortgage Backed Securities
18. Cross Selling Opportunities and Other Services
19. Lender`s Appraisal Procedure
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