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History of Modern World (1900-1960)


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I have pleasure in placing before our esteemed readers the Second Edition of History of Modern World (1900-1960). A careful and thorough revision of the First Edition was undertaken to make the book richer in content,clearer in meaning and more useful to readers. While all chapters have been thoroughly revised, the chapters on the two World Wars, Bolshevik Revolution, the UNO and the role of the Super Powers have commanded special attention.


Contents –

1. Modern Imperialism
2. Modern Japan
3. The First World War (1914 • 1918)
4. The Treaty of Versailles (1919) and Other Treaties
5. The League of Nations
6. The Menshevik and the Battery & Revolutions, 1917
7. Democracy
8. Socialism and Communism
9. Fascist Italy
10. Nazi Germany
11. The Second World War
12. The USA as a World Power
13. The USSR as World Power
14. The United Nations Organization
15. Nationalism in Asia
16. Revolutions In Modern China
17. Africa Frees Herself
18. Asia in World Affairs
19. Latin America in World Affairs
20. Major Trends in Science and Technology

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