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Investment Management (Bangalore Univ)


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This book has been written to serve for one-semester i.e., introductory course of investment Management. Investment awareness became the success mantra for everyone in the current era. Investment or Financial awareness is not about earning a lot of money but it points out that we should be very careful while spending, saving or investing it for the future. Many a times, financial ability proves inadequate to live up to expectations thus Investment and financial literacy is important to help individuals meet their life goals and objectives.

Investment awareness is a part of financial literacy. Financial literacy or awareness means the set of skill and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decision through their understanding of finance. Though much benefits could be derived from centralizing the teaching of Investment Management.

This book entitled as Investment Management is especially for the Fifth Semester BBA students of Bangalore University Each and every unit in the book has been explained with examples and illustrations. The main principles and techniques of the subject have been discussed in a simple language with special emphasis. We are sure this book will prove to be useful to students and teachers alike.



Unit 1 – Introduction Investment Management
Unit 2 – Securities Analysis
Unit 3 – Portfolio Management
Unit 4 – Portfolio Management Stratrgies
Unit 5 – Mutual Funds


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2018, 2016




Shruthi Prabhakar,

Venkatesh S.N.


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