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Investment Management (Telangana Univ)


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Stock market operations are often compared to operations in gambling dens, and winning strategies are all supposed to be backed by Lady Luck. Investors are most often guided by the sentiments of immense faith and untold phobia. There are plenty of soothsayers / financial wizards offering advice and strategies to investors. They need organised information, logical reasoning backed by scientific method and techniques. Several academicians and practitioners have contributed new knowledge, enhancing our understanding of stock market behaviour. The present book is a humble attempt at presenting this accumulated knowledge.

This book explains some theories through which different securities can be combined to get a high return. It explains different theories of Portfolio Management and guides an investor to take correct decisions in combining their securities. Investors should take their own decisions and through fundamental analysis. They should not follow a herd or group.

The 20th century of the book has been completely revised to provide the latest information and gives an insight to the investor of the investment climate in India. It is useful for students of management, commerce, accounting and finance in their respective fields. Many topics had been discussed widely and to the need of the syllabi widely, and given number of Illustrations for students to go through.


Contents –

1. Introduction
2. Risk and Return
3. Market Indices
4. Time Value of Money
5. Portfolio Analysis


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Dr. M. Madana Mohan,

S. Brinda,

V. Ravi


Himalaya pub