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Knowledge Human Resource Management


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The book is essentially an outcome of some of our industrial and consulting work in integrating knowledge management with human resource management.

The book essentially deals with 20 chapters of knowledge oriented HRM strategies with an emphasis on structure, people and strategy as the core idea. The book would provide the reader detailed conceptual and case insights into linking the two functional fields of knowledge management and human resource management. The chapters contain ideas, templates, project plans and methods for implementing a knowledge oriented HR function in an organisational context.


Book Content of Knowledge Human Resource Management
  1. Creating the Organization of Tomorrow
  2. Demystifying Knowledge Management in an HR Context
  3. Knowledge at the Environmental and Organizational Levels
  4. Building Knowledge Organizations – The Cultural Imperative
  5. Building Knowledge Organizations – The Strategic Imperatives
  6. The Value of Knowledge Droves Human Asset Valuation
  7. Building Knowledge Organizations – The Learning Focus
  8. Enabling Organizational Transition into a Knowledge Enterprise
  9. Implementing Knowledge Management at the Enterprise Level
  10. Enabling Business Process Structures in the Knowledge Organization
  11. Creating a Model at the Strategic Level for Structures
  12. Designs Business Strategy, Process and Technology
  13. Structuring the New age HR Organization.
  14. Structural Fitment: Implementing Organizational Structures & Behaviour Interface
  15. Enabling Team Structures in Knowledge Organizations
  16. Enabling Appropriateness of Organizational Identity to Facilitate Architecture
  17. Role of Human Resources in Creating Knowledge Organizations
  18. Defining HRM “Value Chain” in this Changing Context.
  19. Classical and Contemporary Approaches to HRM
  20. The Last Word.



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