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Methodology of English Teaching


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Quite a number of luminaries on this subject, who had occasion to have a preview of this book, have observed that this is the first one of its kind and fullfills all that is desirable on the subject. It so much takes care of the reader that nothing is left to be desired.

The old saying: “Taste of Pudding Lies in Eating” holding good for ever and ever, stands in this case too.

Contents :

Unit I :Understanding the Role of Language
1. Language and Intellectual Development
2. Language and Literature
3. Language and Culture
4. Language and Emotional Development
5. Language and Social Development
6. Factors Affecting Learning
Unit II : The Place of Language in Secondary and Higher Secondary Syllabus
1. Importance of Three Language Formula
2. Importance of Language for Non-mother Tongue Speakers
3. Objective of Language teaching
4. Lower Level and Higher Level Objectives
Unit III : Teaching of Language
1. Maxims of Teaching
2. Psychology in Language Learning
3. Methods of Language Learning
4. Principles of Language Study
5. The Communicative Approach
6. The Structural Approach
7. Constructivist Approach
8. Correlation
9. Audio-lingual Method
Unit IV : Methods of Teaching Reading
1. Method of Teaching Reading
(1. Alphabetic Method, 2. Phonetic Method, 3. Look and Say Method)
2. Loud Reading
(Model Reading, Silent Reading, Supplementary Reading, Intensive and Extensive Reading.)
Unit V : Grammar and Composition
1. Note-taking and Note-making
2. Functions of Grammar
3. Formal Grammar
4. Semantics and Transformational Grammar
5. Composition-Objectives of Teaching Composition
6. Inductive and Deductive methods of Teaching Grammar
7. Questioning Skill
Unit VI : Techniques of Language Teaching
1. Uses of Audio-Visual Aids
2. Mass Media
3. Pedagogical Analysis
4. Computer-assisted Instruction
Unit VII : Devices of Language Teaching
1. Review Lessons
2. Drill
3. Dramatisation and Role-Playing
4. Library and the Use of Dictionary
5. Assignments
Unit VIII : Teacher and Textbook
1. Qualities of a Good English Teacher
2. Professional Growth of Teacher
3. Qualities of a Good Textbook
4. Test and Examinations
5. Identifying Difficulties in Language Teaching and Learning
6. Lesson Planing and Year Planing
7. Learning by Imitation Some Lesson-plans


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