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Molecular Endocrinology


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This book is designed as a concise, but full-fledged text-book of an advanced, general, comparative and applied invertebrate and vertebrate molecular endocrinology. It embodies up-to-date information on the structure of endocrine gland or tissue, molecular structure of hormone(s), mechanism of synthesis, transport, receptors and transduction, functions and applied aspects including clinical applications.

The book consists of 26 chapters, the first and the last chapters are general while chapters 2 to 12 are devoted to Invertebrate Endocrinology and the remaining chapters (13 to 25) to Vertebrate Endocrinology. The text is presented in lucid manner. The figures are simple, well-labeled and self explanatory.

The author is fully confident that the present book will not only fulfill the existing course-quantum of endocrinology mentioned in the syllabi of undergraduate and postgraduate studies conducted in Indian universities but will also inspire competent authorities of the universities to update their syllabi with recent status of the endocrinology. This book though basically designed to cover the syllabi of Zoology, but it complies equally with the syllabi of biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, reproductive physiology, medical, pharmacology and almost all other disciplines of life sciences.



1. Introduction
2. Coelenterate Endocrinology
3. Helminth Endocrinology
4. Annelid Endocrinology
5. Molluscan Endocrinology
6. Crustacean Endocrinology
7. Insect Endocrinology I- Stucture
8. Insect Endocrinology II-Functions
9. Echinoderm Endocrinology
10. Invertebrate Pheromones
11. Insect Pheromones and Allomones
12. Applied Invertebrate Endocrinology
13. Hypothalamo- Hypophysial System
14. Pineal Body
15. Thyroid Gland
16. Parathyroid And Ultimobranchial Glands
17. Thymus Gland
18. Adrenal Gland
19. Gastrointestinal Endocrine System
20. Endocrine Pancreas
21. Hormones of The Heart, Liver and Kidey
22. Gonada Hormones
23. Placental Hormones
24. Prostaglandins (Eicosanoids)
25. Pheromones In Vertebrates
26. Endocrine Disruption
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D. B. Tembhare


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