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Physics B.Sc. First Year Sem.II (Nagpur Univ)


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Recently the three year degree course in science has beenrestructured and divided in to the semesters. This step has brought in its wake difficulties to both teachers and students, teachers have got to beacquainted with the new trends of requirement, but the students have conformed to the problem of availability of the books covering newly prescribed semester system. Therefore, the authors feel very happy to have been able to bring out this first edition of ‘Physics for B.Sc. First Year (Semester II) for the student of B.Sc. semester II as per new UGC syllabus of RTM Nagpur University and it is interned to resolve the said problems for the graduating students.

The authors, while writing this book have considered the interest of the majority of the students in their mind. The book consists of all the material related to the examination as the authors have analyzed past pattern of asked question in the related examination and the depth of the various topics has been decided as per the number of hours available.



Paper I

1. Simple Harmonic Motion
2. Damped Harmonic Oscillations
3. Forced Oscillations
4. Kinetic Theory of Gases
5. Transport Phenomenon in Gases
6. Real Gases and Vander Walls Equation
7. Thermodynamic System and Carnot’s Cycle
8. Entropy
9. Joule-Thomson Effect

Paper II

1. Keplear’s Laws and Gravitation
2. Astrophysics
3. Magnetism
4. Magnetostatics


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Dr. Dilip S. Choudhary,

Dr. Fulchand M. Nirwan,

Dr. M. Y. Salunkhe,

Dr. Prakash D. Wankar,

Dr. Pramod K. Sakharkar


Himalaya pub