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Training of Bank Employees


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This book is made by adapting the doctoral thesis with similar title. A few excerpts from the reports by the eminent academicians who evaluated the thesis for the doctoral degree are given below:

The study has been carried out methodically. Researcher had put in sizeable time and effort in collecting relevant data. The author`s effort in the area of literature review is admirable. The researcher has efficiently narrated the thesis contents. The objectives have been thoughtfully designed. Survey is done in a systematic References made are supporting to the present study and suggestions are noteworthy. Conclusions drawn at the end are logical. Suggestions made by the researcher will certainly help the planners, administrators, executives and government officials connected with banking industry.

Extremely relevant and useful topic is selected for study. The researcher has set seven objectives, which are well focused to study the problems. The objectives of the study are clearly defined. The analysis is based on the six hypotheses developed for the purpose of study. The methodology adopted for the study is suitable for the established procedures of research. Primary data have been collected through a scientific sample survey and the data have been statistically processed, classified and tabulated by appropriate methods. The reliability of the data has been extensively cross checked. The study is comprehensive and well organised.

Extensive literature processed is one of the highlights. The researcher has done earmarked work in collection and compiling. The objectives are well set and defined which is compatible with the title of the study. Appropriate and advanced statistical tests are used in analysis and interpretation which clearly brings out the differences between the PSBs and NGBs.

Contents :

1. Introduction
2. The Indian Banking System-An Overview
3. Training in Indian Banks
4. Analysis and Findings
5. Summary of the Findings and Suggestions


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