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Women of Mumbai Towards New Millennium


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his publication consists of the gist of fourteen research studies carried covering 4000 women in Mumbai. These studies included several aspects of women`s life, family, occupation, gender and health issues etc.

The aims behind bringing these studies together are to understand the women`s perspectives by the women themselves in the context of Mumbai`s fast life and to portray the women`s perceptions and expectations from the metropolitan city.

Broadly the book highlights: stress of the working women, women and substance use, attitude and perceptions of female executives, psychosomatic problems of working women, women counselors in industry, material hassles in women, perceptions of women whose husbands are abroad on job, challenges of female adolescents, emotional support & relationship problems perceived by women from their husband, smoking among women, psychosomatic health of female computer users, and occupational health of women.

The book also includes message from the social scientists and thinkers namely Dr. Vimala, Veeraraghavan, Fr. Berkie S.J., Dr. Harish Shetty, Prof. Manisha Sen and Susan Abraham.

Book Content of Women of Mumbai Towards New Millennium
  1. Stress, Women and work
  2. Women On Substance
  3. Women In Power
  4. The Ring of Psychosomatic Problems
  5. Personal Is Physical
  6. Counselling At Work
  7. A Stress Anniversary
  8. Years Of marriage Or Years Of Problems
  9. Long-distance Marriages
  10. She Is A Half: Wives On Husbands
  11. The Other Half: Wives On Husbands
  12. When She Smokes
  13. Computers And Women
  14. A Healthy Worker




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