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Business Research Methods (Bengalore Uni.)


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Research Methodology, as a core subject of study in most business education curriculum of most universities and Business Schools, has contributed significantly for the development of core competence of the managers to take sound managerial decision. When manager themselves conduct a, Research Methodology tells what quality research is.

As a students of business education, one should know the conceptual tool and techniques to empower oneself about the (i) Scientific method to be applied in a business setting (ii) to decide whether the research is well conducted and (iii) to adopt planning and control of any business research. Even the teachers of Research Methodology should know the ins and outs of ft to teach this subject in a comprehensive manner. Business researches lace certain conflicts when they start planning a research concerning a business problem. It may be between the objective to be incorporated in research. Which may oppose to each other or a conflict between traditional and modern research methods. To avoid these conflicts many follow the traditional methodology. Wherever the research is complex in nature, researchers adopt modern IT solutions like SPSS tool to avail correct results and to save time in conducting research.

This title is written for beginners of research to understand in a simple way the methodology of research. As a subject of study in core area of degree level, most of the universities offering business education (B.Com., BBM, BBA, etc.,) have introduced Research Methodology as one of the essential of study for the reasons cited above. In this context, this title is prepared to give a broad outline of Research Methodology covering mainly the syllabus content at degree level. Written in simple style, many Research Methodology models are given at each chapter an insight into methodology. The whole Research Methodology process is explained in a sequential order commencing from exploring and identifying the research problem to development of research design to collection of data to analysis, interpretation of data and reporting. In annexure, certain latest tools and techniques are given.


Contents –

1. Introduction to Research
2. Methods of Data Collection
3. Tools for Collection of Data
4. Statistical Methods
5. Report Writing
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H.R. Ramanath,

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah


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