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Entrepreneurial Development


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 The growth of any economy in the world depends upon the entrepreneurial skills the people the economy has. Without entrepreneurship growth, the society cannot progress. Therefore, entrepreneurial development has become a global phenomenon. Entrepreneurs establishes strong link between various sector of the economy. The factors like technology, natural resources, labour, and capital are the positive tools in the hands of entrepreneurs to co-ordinate to produce required goods and services of the society. Entrepreneurs plan and put in their effort to convert the resources into the finished products with certain utility to the society. Therefore, entrepreneurial study has become a vital course element in all the curriculums f the universities. The innovative skill of an entrepreneur has to be harnessed for the better utilization of natural resources of any economy. The inner urge and will of an entrepreneur will make him to move forward to take entrepreneurship.

In India, the entrepreneurship has not developed to a required extent. All the advanced countries of the word have recognized the power of entrepreneurship and hence they are in a position to stand in the front line as for as the economic progress of the world is concerned. This has to make place in a big way in India. The concept of entrepreneurship has to be inculcated in young minds in the formative stage. The situation at present in India is ripe where in nearly 40% of the population of the country is in the learning age and this provides a fertile field for development of entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is high time that every university in the country in the country and the educational institutions have to give a course in entrepreneurship development.

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Chapter 1 Entrepreneurship-Historical Overview

Chapter 2 Entrepreneurship




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