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Fundamentals of Research Methodology


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The book titled ‘Fundamentals of Research Methodology’ covers the entire problem faced by the students during the analysis and interpretation of data. The main problem confronted by students during data analysis is regarding the choice of statistical tools according to the characteristics of data. If wrong tool is applied, then data analysis as well as its interpretation will certainly be wrong which causes a huge problem. In this book, all these aspects have been covered and are being presented with the help of graphs, diagrams, charts and tables making it easier even for a layman to understand. This book is not only confined to area of business or economy but also helpful in other fields like, health science, medical sciences, etc.

The topics covers are:
1. Chapter 1 encompasses the relevance of variable in research.
2. Planning a study. Along this, the present chapter covers the measurement and sampling error (bias and measurement errors).
3. Scale of measurements and its calculation.
4. How to describe data patterns in statistics (dot plots, box plots, segmented bar charts, etc.)
5. Univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis of data.
6. Normality of data
7. Test of significance.
8. Standard error


Contents :

Chapter – 1 Types of Variables
Chapter – 2 Planning a study: Survey, Data Collection methods
Chapter – 3 Scales of Measurement in Statistics
Chapter – 4 Describing Data Patterns in Statistics
Chapter – 5 Univeriate, Bivariate and Multivariate Analysis of Data
Chapter – 6 Normal Distribution (Normality of the Data)
Chapter – 7 Test of Significance: Parametric and Non-Parametric Test
Chapter – 8 Standard Error
Statistical Tables


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