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Soft Skill Development (Sem I, Mumbai Univ)


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It gives us an immense pleasure to present the First Edition of “Soft Skill Development” to the teachers and students of First Year B.Sc. This text book is written in accordance to the Mumbai University syllabus and covers all the topics in length and breadth. The content of book focuses to develop professional, social and academic skills to harness strength, capabilities and knowledge which will help the students to excel in real work environment and corporate life.

The aim of this student-friendly book is to develop student’s Communication Skills and the four Language Learning skills, viz., Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. It provides a comprehensive, highly integrated approach to the study and application of oral and written business communication to serve both students and professors. The syllabus is divided into three units. The topics are discussed in detailed and simple manner. Possible questions are given at the end of each lesson. We have also included last year’s question papers. All ideas and constructive criticisms are welcomed and will be apparently accepted.


Contents –

Unit One : Introduction to Soft Skills and Hard Skills
Chapter 1. Personality Development
Chapter 2. Communication Skills, Non-verbal Communication and Physical Fitness
Chapter 3. Emotional Intelligence
Chapter 4. Etiquette and Mannerism
Chapter 5. Communication Today
Chapter 6. Listening, Non-verbal Communication, Intercultural Communication and Communicating Digital World
Unit Two: Academic Skills
Chapter 7. Employment Communication
Chapter 8. Professional Presentation
Chapter 9. Job Interviews
Chapter 10. Group Discussion
Unit Three: Professional Skills
Chapter 11. Creativity at Workplace
Chapter 12. Ethical Values
Chapter 13. Capacity Building: Learn, Unlearn and Relearn
Chapter 14. Leadership and Team Building
Chapter 15. Decision Making and Negotiation
Chapter 16. Stress and Time Management


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