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Teaching of Science


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Mathematically, it can be said that Life-Science = 0. Utility of Science in our life is extremely high.

Teaching of Science, this book is written with the sole purpose of helping the student-teachers in particular and the teachers’ world at large, in their study of science. Reading this book, they will love science.

This book covers a wide range of issues in the teaching of science and offers supporting tasks to students to enable them to translate theory into practice.

Large paragraphs have been converted into small ones so that the readers can understand and remember the contents well for a longer period. Sixth chapter of this book contains the latest matter regarding the ‘Global Perspective in Teaching Science’ to give the latest idea regarding ‘Globalisation’ and this earth as a ‘Global Village’.


Contents –

1. Science — A Wellspring of Our Discontent
2. Meaning, Nature and Structure of Science
3. Science Curriculum Construction
4. The Place of Science in School Curriculum
5. Curriculum of Science at Different Stages
6. Global Perspectives in Science Teaching
7. Planning for Effective Teaching and Learning
8. Means of Effective Instruction
9. Importance / Values of Teaching Science
10. Methods of Teaching Science
11. Stimulating and Maintaining Interest in Science
12. Learning Science
13. Effective & Meaningful Learning in Science
14. Aims & Objectives of Teaching Science
15. Unit Planning and Daily Lesson Planning
16. Evaluation in Science Teaching
17. Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching Of Science
18. Correlation in Teaching of Science
19. Scientific Method — Attitude — Appreciation
20. Creativity in Science Teaching
21. Backwardness in Science: Diagnostic Testing and Remedial Teaching
22. Enrichment and Recreational Programme for Gifted
23. National Science Talent Search Scheme (Nstss)
24. Micro-Teaching (Mt)
25. Programmed Learning in Science
26. Information and Communication Technology (Ict) in Science
27. Science Laboratory
28. Laboratory Work / Activities in Science
29. Selection, Purchase, Supply and Maintenance of Equipment
30. Improvisation of Apparatus
31. Science Library
32. Science Fairs / Exhibitions and Museums
33. Excursions / Visits / Field Trips
34. Science Text Books
35. Selection and Organisation of Content of a Textbook in Science
36. Science Teacher
37. Science Club


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