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Personality Development


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We have great pleasure in presenting the book “Personality Development” written for students of UG course. The subject matter is written in a simple and easily understandable language by considering Indian perspectives.

This is an endeavor to provide the students with thorough understanding of personality development related to self awareness, goal setting, SMART goals, creativity, interpersonal skills, stress management, time management and leadership development. While writing this book we have benefited greatly from the studies of a number of books and the articles written by scholars widen over diversely.

In writing the book special care has been taken to ayoid gaps in the sequential arrangement of topics in the syllabus and logically developed the various facets of personality step-by-step of an integrated approach with a view to make it a comprehensive and complete volume by itself. Topics covered are discussed, as far as possible, in a fairly self-contained manner.

We hope the book will be well received by the students and teaching fraternity and to any discerning reader who is interested in the subject.

We present our gratitude to Vision Book House, for the best effort put forth by the matter of publication of this book.


Contents –

Unit – 1 Self Awareness

Unit – 2 Interpersonal Communication

Unit – 3 Time Management Bibliography

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Chitra Shashidhar,

Naveen Kumar C. M.


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